How to work out with a busy schedule

Life can be quite hectic for us at times. With everything we have going on in our daily routines it can seem impossible to set aside time to work out. Then again, maybe that’s just the excuse we give ourselves as we scarf down a bag of chips. It’s one thing to have a regularly scheduled MMA, Boxing, or Muay Thai classes, but when it comes to just everyday things we can do on our own, we never seem to have time.

Likely everyone has told themselves they’re going to start working out. You may get a couple days into, but eventually you “miss” a day. Soon that day turns into a week and then your whole schedule is thrown off. In the name of time management, here are some tips for setting up and sticking to a fitness plan.

Plan out your meals in advance

Let’s face it, cooking can be a hassle and often ends up cutting into the time we’d rather spend doing other things. Planning your meals ahead of time allows you to space out exactly what you need and give yourself more time. By not having such a sporadic and unpredictable eating schedule, you’ll open up a ton of time in your day, perfect for sneaking in a workout. Also consider your methods of preparation when planning your meals. Making things in slow cookers is very easy and saves lots of time. Cooking in bulk is another good idea to save time.

Treat your workout like an appointment

Part of why we fall behind on our fitness plans is because we treat working out as an optional activity rather than an important task that needs completing. Changing our mindset toward working out is key. Start writing your workout schedules into your calendars and set alarms on your phone. The more you begin to see it as a daily task, the more natural it will become and the more committed you’ll be.

Work out while you watch

If you’re someone who likes to come home and unwind by watching TV, fear now, you can still get a good workout in and not miss a second of your favorite shows. Doing activities like crunches, lunges, or curls with free weights while you watch TV can be incredibly effective way to work out on your own time. Something as simple as doing push-ups and sit-ups during commercial breaks can turn your couch loafing into a fat burning.

Get your life organized

This sounds like a no-brainer but it really can be the difference between going on a 45-minute run and not. Half the battle of not having time for something is not having any structure in our day. The more disorganized we our the less likely we are to do things like work out. Review your schedule every night before you go to bed and make sure there are no surprised. Think through everything you need to do and try and map out how long it will take. You’d be amazed how much organizing opens up time in your day,

Think of the children

Having to take care of children can add obstacles to getting in workouts. This minor problem however is easy to overcome. Picking a gym that has a ‘kid’s room’ or childcare is a great way to hit up the gym without having to worry about what to do with the kids. Another option is to take the kids with you. Invest in a good stroller, tuck the little ones inside, and take them on a stroll or jog around a park. Throw in some strength exercises and you can piecemeal together a pretty solid workout.

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