The Best Muay Thai Shorts To Buy

Gear isn’t everything. It can, however, matter if it starts to hold you back from accessing your peak performance when it matters. That’s why when in a Muay Thai fight, competitors look for something that gives them an edge they can when they come up against their limits. Let’s explore what options Muay Thai fighters have when choosing the right gear for them.

Venum Sharp 3.0 Muay Thai Shorts

These are made in Thailand from 100% polyester satin. This material makes the shorts lightweight, breathable, and very strong. The wider leg opening is paired with side vents to increase your mobility. 

This uncommon system allows you to make more dynamic movements as you fight. These also look great and feature the rad Venum logo. The color and design are refined into the threads to remain vibrant for many years to come.

Bad Boy Kao Loy Muay Thai Shorts

These definitely stand out. They feature a black design that’s accented with red and white stripes while being made from 100% polyester satin. With these, you can rest assured that you will remain comfortable.

They are soft to the touch and breathable. It’s also constructed with precision to achieve an anatomical fit. They also conform to the body for the best mobility possible. The waistband features the normal elastic bands to get the right fit. However, it also has a drawstring for extra security.

Hayabusa Sacred Muay Thai Shorts

These are from Hayabusa and have a great traditional design that looks great in the ring. Available in green or gold, the main design scheme features a bold dragon and the famous Hah Taew.

The legs are quite wide to ensure that you can perform any kick or knee move without issues. There’s also a thick traditional elastic waistband that provides a snug and flexible fit.

Fairtex Brave Muay Thai Shorts

The Brave Muay Thai shorts from Fairtex are designed with tradition and experience in mind. The shorts are made in Thailand from high-quality satin fabric.

They have the traditional Muay Thai cut that’s been used for centuries. They’re also designed and constructed with input from highly experienced fighters to ensure that each pair of shorts is fit for the ring. It provides a full range of motion for moves of any skill level. An 8-strip elastic band makes it possible to get a snug fit that moves with your body.

Hayabusa Kickboxing Shorts

Want something new? These shorts are a bit longer and fall to the middle of the thigh. They also have a slightly tighter fit. However, a slit on the side of each leg ensures that the shorts don’t restrict your range of motion as you kick.

The fabric used is light and breathable, allowing you to maneuver with ease. There’s no hardware to fasten the shorts. Instead, Hayabusa utilized a unique hybrid elastic waistband and drawstring.

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