The Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts for Kids with Learning & Attention Issues

Mixed Martial Arts are full contact sport mixing techniques issued from different combat sports and martial arts such as kickboxing, judo, and karate. It is well known for having great physical benefits for children and adults alike, being a full body workout.

However, recent studies have also shown that the practice of Mixed Martial Arts could also help alleviate symptoms for kids suffering from learning and attention disorders. Many studies have shown that children with ADHD, ADD or on the spectrum could benefit from martial art programs, and it is easy to see why.


1. Mixed Martial Arts focuses on individual growth

Many kids with learning and attention issues struggle with team sports that focus on competition. They fear to let the team down and have troubles finding their place in the group, which can seriously affect their self-esteem. Individual sports like gymnastics tend to focus a lot on competition, where kids with such disorders struggle in comparison with their peers. Martial arts, however, are first and foremost a personal journey that allows each child to progress at his or her own rhythm. Each advancement made is a personal victory and is validated and recognized individually.


2. They help improve concentration and “mind over body.”

Learning to give an exercise your full attention is one of the focuses of mixed martial arts. For children with learning disorders, it is an essential part of managing their symptoms and something that will serve them in every aspect of their life, including school or even at home. It teaches kids that they can overcome their challenges and train themselves to concentrate, even if it is more difficult for them than other children.


3. Teaching methods are manageable for kids with learning or attention disorders.

Martial arts are taught based on the repetition of manageable exercises, broken down in repetitive sequences so that kids can learn gradually, which is a method that works particularly well for kids with learning and attention issues. Their achievements give them a boost in self-esteem and confidence that makes it easier and easier for them to learn new skills as they progress.


4. Mixed martial arts are an excellent outlet for excess energy

To the untrained eye, mixed martial arts can appear to be extremely violent. However, for kids with attention and learning disorder with a lot of energy to burn, they provide a very welcome outlet that allows them to get rid of their aggressiveness in a controlled environment. It is the perfect exercise to allow them to re-focus on more peaceful learning and concentrate on their schoolwork or simply listening better at home while avoiding the restlessness associated with some of these disorders.


5. Mixed Martial Arts provide structure.

Kids with learning and attention disorders thrive in a structured environment where they can predict what comes next. Martial arts in general and mixed martial arts, in particular, are great at providing this type of set-up. Each lesson is divided into different steps, and mixed martial arts focus on the student’s attitude as a whole.

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