We offer a vast variety of memberships for our students including memberships in such classes as; MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Boxing, Eskrima, etc.

The type of memberships we provide for our clients are for adults, toddlers, kids, women, men, and for all ages.

We structure our classes to give you the best training experience possible. Our instructors take the time to work with each student and give them their undivided attention. At Damri MMA authentic training is given from expert instructors in their respected programs. We’re here to help you reach your goals because Damri is more than just a gym, it’s an environment. Become part of team Damri where everyone is welcomed, from beginners to professionals.


Adult Programs

Bronze Membership: 2 Classes A Week + Damri Shirt

Silver Membership: 3 Classes A Week + Damri Shirt + Wraps

Gold Membership: 4 Classes A Week + Damri Shirt + Wraps

Platinum Membership: 2 Classes Per Day + Damri Shirt + Wraps + Gloves

Police/Law Enforcement Membership: Unlimited Classes (Call for Prices)

Women's BJJ Membership: 2 Classes A Week + Damri Shirt


Kid's Programs

Pee-Wee (Ages 3-6) Membership: 3x A Week - (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Kid's (Ages 6-12) Silver Membership: 3x A Week + Free T-Shirt

Kid's (Ages 6-12) Gold Membership: 5x A Week + Free T-Shirt

Kid's (Ages 6-12) Platinum Membership: Unlimited Classes + Free T-Shirt + Hand Wraps


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