Michael De La Torres

MMA Instructor

Damri is proud to have Michael on our team. With a huge fan following and a wealth of amateur and professional experience and knowledge, Damri is heading to the next level of fighter training. Michael brings both fighter and trainer experience to the table. Here are just some of the things Michael has done in his MMA career:

-Started MMA career in 2005 under Manolo Hernandez, San Diego, CA
-Trained under Baret Yoshida
-Has 13 years of kickboxing experience (4 years as trainer)
- Has 13 years of boxing experience (4 years as trainer)
-Has 18 years of wrestling (5 years as trainer)
-Has 13 years of BJJ (5 years as trainer)
-20+ professional fights (6 with UFC)
-Moved to Arizona with a 9-2 record, trained under John Crouch
-Taught at the MMA lab and at knockout fitness
-Go to style… wrestling and boxing (with vicious ground and pound technics)





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