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Manong Keagen Grace began studying the Filipino art of kali and the Indonesian art of Pencak Silat at the age of 9. After years of study under her instructor, Shane Del Bianco, who is a direct student of Mande Muda instructor Guru Bruce Ogle, Keagen moved out of state. It wasn’t until early 2013 that she resumed her study in FCS Kali under Lakan Guro Ernie Lake and Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, both of Filipino Combat Systems. Keagen is a full instructor (Manong) in FCS Kali as well as the only sanctioned FCS Kali group leader in Arizona. FCS Kali is known for building rapidly useable weapons skills and reliable response under extreme pressure.

Shortly thereafter, Keagen sought top-notch instruction in silat, which lead her to Guru Mike Casto of Anjing Gembala Pencak Silat and Maul Mornie of Silat Suffian Bela Diri. While not yet an instructor in AGPS, Keagen is actively working towards that goal. She is a sanctioned training group leader under Guru Mike Casto. Keagen regularly travels around the United States and Europe for training opportunities in Silat Suffian Bela Diri. SSBD is known for it’s clean, brutal effectiveness and it’s in use around the world by specialty groups and tactical operators. 

In early 2016, Keagen began studying Full Circle Jujitsu under Professor Alessandro Ashanti. FCJ is known for its structure, biomechanics, and extreme adaptability. After over 6,000 hours of training in Full Circle Jujitsu, Keagen obtained her black belt. She continues to train regularly in FCJ and is an instructor under Professor Ashanti.

In addition to the above arts, Keagen also has time and training in many other Southeast Asian martial arts, including Applied Eskrima Balintawak (Guros Jerome Teague and Joel Leon), Serrada Eskrima (Professor Alessandro Ashanti), Inosanto-Lacoste Kali (multiple instructors), Sayoc Kali (multiple instructors), Kalis Illustrisimo (Guro Archie Luz), and various forms of Indonesian kuntao. She has extensive study of weapons, empty hands close-quarters combat, and combative anatomy and physiology. 

Finally, Keagen has introductory training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu along with some minor exposure to aikido, karate, and a couple other traditional martial arts. She holds a variety of medical and field credentials and regularly works as an internationally deployable search and rescue technician.

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