Joel Leon

FMA/Eskrima Coach

Guro Joel Leon started his martial arts training when he began boxing at the age of twelve and continued with wrestling throughout high school.  In 2004 he began serious training in Eskrima.  He continued expanding his knowledge with Jeet Kun Do which introduced him to Panatukan along with other forms of Eskrima.  He has been training with the Applied Eskrima Global group headed by Master Virgil Cavada since 2009.  Under Master Virgil  he received the rank of Guro and was certified to teach the not only the art, but also to be an ambassador for the Filipino Martial arts. Applied Eskrima is a complete system in of itself,  but is also great for building attributes like balance, spacial awareness and mental focus. For more information about Applied Eskrima visit or you can subscribe for online tutorials at .







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