Five Ways Of Training From Home During This Coronavirus Time


Coronavirus pandemic is a serious disease that has affected many people across the world. Not only has the disease affected the health of human beings, but also their economy and social life. Due to its awkward method of spreading, the disease has led to the shutdown of places and institutions where there are gatherings and socialization. Among the places which have been closed, is the gymnasium. If you were a fan of working out and keeping fit, it is high time you start exercising from your home. But how would you train from your home and yet you do not have the necessary equipment? This article will guide you on how you can prepare from even without the mma gym equipment. Training during the coronavirus can be quite difficult so we are here to help you.

Ways of Training at Home

· Use Of Online Training Classes

In our modern world, things have been made easier. With the aid of a sturdy network connection, you can start training at your home using online training guides. There are various videos and articles on the internet that will help you attain flexibility and fitness without using any equipment. For example, the MMA training which allows you to improve your stamina, strength, speed, and flexibility. What is MMA training? This is a special training technique that combines various tactics of martial arts. It is one of the best equipment-frees training that you can adopt during this period of the corona. You can access the MMA classes videos on YouTube and other websites.


· Use The Simple Tools In Your Home

If you are a man/woman of exercise, you will not fail to have a jump rope in your home. This is a useful tool at this time of corona where the gyms have been locked. With the aid of the rope, you can get excellent aerobic workouts that will boost your metabolism and improve your strength and power. Use the string to make skips and mix various types of skips. You can do single footed skips, then change to hopping from side to side, big jumps, running, reverse-swinging of the rope, and double-under. All these exercises are helpful to you and will boost your activeness and burn calories.


· Perform Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercises seem to be simple, but they have a significant impact on the body of a human being. If you do not know how to go about Yoga, there are various articles on YouTube and other websites that you can use. A useful tool that will help is the Yoga Burn program by Zoe Bray-Cotton. The program is designed to help you attain stability and burn calories too. It is meant for the female though it can also work for men. There are also yoga shows on various television stations, which you can start to follow during this time of corona if you do not own a Gym Phoenix AZ.


· Go Traditional

If you are a person who you are used to lifting gyms in phoenix AZ, then you should be suffering at this time of Corona. You can opt to go the traditional way if you cannot afford to purchase the weights. How do you do it traditionally? You take some tins such as the paint tins and buy some cement and sand. Mix the cement and sand, just like the way you want to build something. Fill the tins with the mixture of sand and cement. Insert an iron rod measuring at least one and a half meters in the tins full of mixture. One end of the rod in tin one and the other end in tin 2. Allow it to dry up, and after that, you will have your gym. You can now start lifting your weights and keep fit at your home even during this lockdown period.


· Do Resistance Training Exercise

Resistance training is a unique exercise that is designed to improve endurance and strength. You do not need to pull and push weights for you to be strong, but your body needs resistance. When you do a resistance training exercise, you get to move your limbs against some resistance that is provided by the bodyweight and gravity. However, you can use some equipment in training, but you can also do it freestyle. Some of the resistance exercises include push-ups, press-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and body squat. They are simple activities but have a more significant impact on boosting your body strength and endurance. Doing the resistance training exercises and seeing results needs patience because the results are not instant. You should be a disciplined trainee, and it is necessary for you to maintain consistency in your home-based workouts.


· Purchase Fitness Programmes

Various highly reputable fitness experts have designed different programs to help others attain physical fitness. The good thing about the programs is that they can be used indoors or outdoors. A good example is the hyperbolic stretching program by Alex Larson, which has helped many people achieve flexibility, strength, and peace of mind. Another advantage of such programs is that they come in various formats. You can find them in the form of books, online in PDF format, and CD/DVD format. However, you need to be careful when buying a fitness program. Does your research until you get enough information that satisfies you that this program is genuine? There are some which are Scams.



The lockdown, which is as a result of the deadly corona pandemic, should not hinder you from being physically fit. The mentioned above are some of the ways that you can use to do your workouts and exercise at your domiciles. They are all effective ways that will benefit you significantly, even if you will be missing the gym environment and psych. We are all in the campaign of preventing the spread of the coronavirus across the country. We should not disobey the order of locking down social amenities for the safety of ourselves and others. A boxing gym phoenix should not make you risk your health and life at large. You can work out from home and still achieve physical fitness and strength.

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