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The Damri Team is relentless when it comes to improving your gym from the best trainers possible to research to improve your training experience. About two months ago we started doing research peak information retention related to teaching times.

We read many articles written by college professors and training professionals. We also examined numerous studies that were done over the last 5-10 years. We concluded that a time frame that has been implemented with most schools was the best method to implement to our training schedule for children’s classes. We will first start with one and monitor the results. Not only are we going to try the new class length but also implement a training time schedule within that class.

What we have found is that a 45min class with two 5min (mental breaks) was optimal for information retention. The 5min “mental breaks” are not stopping class, they are times that require very little to non-mental activity. This method helps boost attention spans and will help the students retain more information during class. Some of the benefits include lowering the risk of numerous health conditions and at the end you will get better sleep at night. Multiple of experiments were conducted on a school in Broward County, Florida which included almost 50,000 students, the conclusion states that all of the kids had a healthier learning style with 45-minute classes. Instead of 30, 40, 50, 60, and 90-minute classes the students were most focused until the 45-minute mark.

The Monday boxing class on 7/22/2019 will be the first test subject, it will also allow for a reasonably timed second class. Class will start at 5pm and end at 5:45. The second class will start at 5:50pm and end at 6:35Pm. We look forward to your comments and questions. We strive to give the best possible training to your child physically and mentally. Go Damri Family!!!



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