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Damri is has always been driven with family and community in mind. Fort that reason, we have been working with law enforcement since we opened.  We strive to improve relationships that have been tarnished and have separated community and law. We have made huge strides in achieving our goals that will be revealed in a few months, but in the meantime we continue to do our part that stretches beyond the call of duty. Not only have we made our law enforcement and first responders’ memberships extremely affordable, we also hold free classes every week to show our dedication towards this project. During one of my many conversations with police officers recently I was told of an instruction course seminar that was being held in the valley next month. When asked if the officer I was speaking to was going he mentioned that it was too expensive and he was denied a sponsorship from his officials. Understand that spending has to be regulated and being able to send officers to these extremely expensive seminars is not always possible. Damri stepped up and is sending one local city and one state officer to the seminar. We cannot legally disclose the names of the officers but this is not for a publicity stunt or a pat on the back.  We donated a private jet to the mesa fire department for training purposes.  We have also given to the families of fallen officers.  We donate to “shop with a cop.” Additionally, we sponsor local little league teams and offer free classes to our first responders. With all this in mind you can be assured that Damri has the best interest in mind and will not stop until we make a difference worthy of national news. To give everyone a little background of the seminar here are some interesting facts about the Gracie seminar and how this is positive towards our efforts.

Gracie University

Gracie University is an online martial arts learning institute for teaching  jiu-jitsu and self-defense tactics. The online program was created by brothers Rener and Ryron Gracie. Initially launched as ‘The Gracie Academy’ in 1925, Rener who at 19 became head instructor along with his brother at the Academy. Along with locations in California, Arizona, etc. they also began an online training curriculum which became Gracie University. Today the University boasts of 228,782 enrollees from 182 different countries. In addition to their Jiu-Jitsu programs, Gracie University also offers a Defense Tactics program for military and law enforcement professionals. The ‘Gracie Survival Tactics’ program has been built up over the past two decades and currently is the fastest growing defense tactics program in the industry due to its 100% applicability with law enforcement standards. Each technique in the course has been tested in full body armor and with a duty belt.

Gracie University

The program consists of two levels with the first level containing 23 lessons and the 2nd containing 15. GU has hosted numerous local, state, and federal agencies who have sent personnel to be certified in its 5-day GST instruction course. The program is built on three foundational principles; 1) the bad guy always has the ambush advantage, 2) never grapple with the suspect by choice, and 3) in a street fight, there is no ‘tap-out.’ Through the duration of the course, enrollees will learn easy and reliable techniques handcuffing procedures that can be used in any tactical fighting scenario and that can also be applied during solo or partner arrests. Due to the program’s success and reputation among law enforcement professionals, Damri MMA, proud to sponsor our two officers in the GST program. These officers now enrolled will soon join the long line of law enforcement officers who have gone through the program to become better officers.



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