Imagine Avondale Charity Event

Avondale Little League Sponsorship

Sponsor of Nascar Racer David Starr
Luke Air Force Base Self Defense Workshop for Military Spouses


At Damri MMA, we pride ourselves on our frequent community involvement. We have partaken in helping donate to Avondale charity, Sponsorships, and more.

We have worked with such charities and sponsorships as; Imagine Avondale Charity, Avondale Little League Sponsorship, NASCAR, Luke Air Force Base, etc. We here at Damri MMA are always looking to sponsor organizations or companies/charities to help the communities in Arizona. We believe that assisting the community with our belief and support in the area can help make the city a better place. Supporting adults and children in various communities is something that we always lean towards and look forward to doing.

Community involvement as it is defined through Webster Dictionary; "is the power to bring positive, measurable change to both the communities in which you operate and to your business. ... As your company builds partnerships and working relationships with local community nonprofits and service-based organizations, neighborhoods are strengthened." We believe that, getting involved in the community is a great way for any organization to build relationships, get involved and assist the community. Whether it’s by sponsoring or taking part in community programs, or by enabling employee volunteer events, we encourage involvement in the community stand out among our peers and see multiple benefits in the act. This not only creates a happier workforce but also creates a more loyal customer base.

Investing our time and labor is a great way to build your community up. We have also thrown events that help get customers out to our gym and meet their instructors in the sport that they are in. We also believe in sticking to the support culture with boosting self-esteem and sustaining a non-hostile environment for adults and kids to thrive in and have success in.

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