On Average, How Much Do MMA Fighters Make?
On Average, How Much Do MMA Fighters Make?

Though the question may seem like a short and simple one, it is actually like complex. Much like the music industry, MMA fighters get paid in a number of different ways. A lot of their pay has to do with how popular they are at the time. Take Conor McGregor for example. With his rise in popularity over the last decade, his pay has risen quite a bit. Read more

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MMA vs Karate
MMA vs. Karate

While karate flourished in the 1970s up through the 1990s, this boom came in part to the public image of karate given through movies and TV shows. Celebrities like Chuck Norris showed us how amazing and tough you would be with karate, and how you could defend yourself against nearly any foe. Read more

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