Beginner Tips for Muay Thai Newbies

Few people prepare to train Muay Thai and this causes injuries. This is the time people understand the importance of preparing for the training.

Here are tips that will get you started as a Muay Thai newbies;

Participate in Jogging

There is no problem if you choose to directly start Muay Thai. However, you might feel unmotivated and winded after the first days of training. Taking up jogging will increase your stamina and you will end up enjoying the experience of Muay Thai classes.

Running increases your heart rate, which means that more blood will be pumped in your body. The advantage of jogging over time ensures that performing different exercises will not leave your body exhausted and the pangs of hunger will no longer affect you. Jogging provides a good feeling as you will gain stamina that comes in handy during Muay Thai training.


Wear Protective Wraps on Your Hands

This should be emphasized by saying it over and over again; always ensure that you have your protective wraps worn on your hands. Muay Thai is a sport that strengthens the bones and joints. However, the soft tendons on the hands will require more time to be accustomed to the repetitive punching that will be delivered during the drills.

Injuries on any hand or both is a major setback. You should not allow yourself to be pushed back by neglecting this simple tip of protecting your hands with wraps. You should ensure that you use quality hand wraps that will be effective. There are wraps that do not do much of a thing for your hands. Therefore, get quality wraps.


Create Time for Muay Thai

You should ensure that amidst your busy schedule, you make time for the sport. This will help with your progress if you put in the hours for the training. Therefore, ensure that at least twice a week you are practice for Muay Thai. Maybe twice a week can be too much, at least start with one session per week. However, bear in mind that any sport requires dedication for you to do it for an extended period of time.


Prioritize Technique over Power

You should not confuse Muay Thai with boxing or any other sport. The training has various particularities that should not be taken lightly. For newbies, Muay Thai has the ability to make you strong. However, it is not all about strength. The sport is more about techniques and your focus.

Do not be in a rush to give the punching bag a beating. No matter the strength you use to kick, you will not see progress unless you practice to create a technique that is flawless. The proficient athletes for this sport are aware that techniques plays an important role in making one a great Muay Thai athlete. If you want to be the best of the best in training, identify a technique that works and perfect it.


Do Not Forget Leg Exercises

Muay Thai training challenges the whole body. It is what makes the sport exciting as well as a good workout. However, it is important to remember that Muay Thai is based on a person having strong legs. Therefore, Muay Thai newbies are advised to concentrate on building strength in their legs.

There are exercises that can help to build strength on legs. These include lunges, squats, and burpees. You will realize that your ability to take part and perform Muay Thai drills will improve at the end of the day.


Hydration is Key

This sports is very important as it evidently helps in burning of body fat. At the same time, burning calories means that you will sweat. Therefore, water is lost from the body and it needs to be replenished by drinking more water to avoid cases of dehydration. Dehydration can be a deterrent to training. Effects of dehydration include exhaustion, dizziness, and headaches.

Any person who exercises can attest to the significance of having a bottle of water nearby. There is no difference in Muay Thai as water is very essential. Trainees should adequately hydrate and they should not go for long hours without drinking water.


Consume Carbohydrates Two Hours before You Train

There is need to emphasize that Muay Thai is a great sport for burning calories. This can be a good thing. However, if you are not well prepared and you have not consumed adequate energy for the session, there will be severe consequences. You will feel exhausted and you will not be able to attend other sessions.

It is highly recommended to consume carbohydrates two hours before you train. This will give you energy to fuel your body before and during the session. Carbohydrate foods makes fuel available for you to consume and this helps to keep up with the high demands of energy that is required during Muay Thai training.


Stretch Every Time

Stretching all the time is very important and many people who exercise regularly can attest to it. Stretching is more important after a workout session, but for Muay Thai, stretching should be done more than just after a training session.

Do stretches on your own to promote flexibility. After the Muay Thai, stretching helps to minimize chances of muscle strains. Additionally, stretching should be done after warming up as this increases the range of motion when you do different techniques. A flexible body will help you to be on top of your competition.


Defense is Vital

Muay Thai demands that you be ready for protection. You should keep your guard up every time. Ensure that you take part in shadow boxing, and be in the know of the importance of never leaving your face unprotected.

Defense training will enable you to develop a healthy attitude towards Muay Thai. People ought to understand that this training does not involve only kicking and punching.


Avoid Training Too Much

As much as training helps to perfect the techniques, Muay Thai can be an addictive sport. It is a fun activity and the body releases endorphins into the system giving you a great feeling. That reason should not tempt you to over-train. It is important to have resting days.

Resting days helps the body to build muscles that are needed for reliability of the new challenges that you will face. Although you may be enthusiastic about the workout, have quality sleep and do not forget to rest.

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