Beginner Tips for Boxing Newbies

Boxing is a commonly enjoyed sport today. It has grown its fan base due to the massive acceptance it has gained over the years. As a newbie, you may perceive boxing as just all about throwing punches to your opponent and winning. However, this is not the case. There is so much work that you need to put into it to become successful.

You need to be quite ready to go the extra-miles, burn the midnight oil and sacrifice a lot to be a professional boxer. As a newbie of the sport, you need to know that success doesn’t come in a single day but instead, you have to wait for your time to sit on top of the table.


Here are some few beginner tips for boxing newbies:


Get a training coach:

You need to learn from the best. As a newbie, you may know the basic boxing drills but to be a professional, you certainly need a guide to it. You can enroll in your nearest boxing centers and you will certainly gain a lot as a stater. Boxing requires lots of training and hence once you have a guide to help you. It makes it easy for you as they will shape and mentor you towards achieving your dreams as a boxer. The coach will have you on a boxing program that will see you learn drills and how to become a master of the art. Such programs have shaped legends from just young and passionate boxers to the winners of world championships. You also need to listen to your coach and adhere to the training guides to achieve the best results.


Have a mentor

It’s quite important to have a mentor as a beginner. Just like any career you need a person who will guide you on and help motivate you. A mentor will guide and help shape your discipline on what you need to do. If you can you can choose a mentor who is in the field. This will enable you to get expert advice and you can watch their moves on the boxing ring. A boxing mentor is quite crucial as you will be able to see common mistakes made by boxers and avoid such kind of loose faults. If you cannot access your mentor physically you can watch their videos online and learn from them. Your model is also your idol as you admire their works and how they made it in the boxing sport.


Use shorter combos

You need to use shorter combos in your training. The drills used will determine your success and hence you need to be smart instead of hardworking. Short combos are more efficient than hard work training. As you train, you need to get better in your punches. The way to do it is by having mastered your skill. This is by use of short combos that will enable you to gain skill and become a pro. You can use a heavy bag as your punch tool and train well. In a training session, you can have at most 5 combos to master instead of having too many that will not do you good. While learning this combat sport, you need to become a pro and not one with unnecessary skills. Just learn enough to ensure that once you get into a boxing arena the combos will be your winning set.


Equip yourself

As you start you need to have your gear right. Invest in yourself rather so that you become a pro. You can go to various boxing sites and learn what you need to have as a new boxer. This will enable you to train efficiently than just getting to the hall with no idea on what you need to have. Your boxing artier needs to be quite comfortable and ensure that you can make your drills quite easily. They may range from gloves, sports shoes, gum-protectors as well as shorts. Gear should be a necessity and not a luxury when you want to become a professional boxer. You cannot box without them and hence you need to set your priorities right.


Hydrate and obey your diet

This sport needs you to stay healthy to enable you to box well. You need to have a strict diet and follow it to the latter. You can have a boxing guide to enable you to schedule your diet accordingly. Your diet needs to include all nutrients that will enable you to gain and be of the right boxing shape. After a boxing day, you should also have a diet that you can obey and enable you still to be in shape. You have strained quite a lot and hence you need to gain back the energy used. Proteins are quite essential after a hard work-out or a match. Hydration is also quite important. You lose a lot of liquids as you box or train. This includes blood after receiving hard punches. Sweating also is expected and hence you need to hydrate. As you go for boxing training or a match, have a bottle of water so that you keep hydrating.


Learn a lot

You need to ensure that you breathe, eat and live boxing. As a new boxer, you need to put all your effort into boxing. This will enable you to gain the drive to win as you progress and become a pro. There is a lot of content online as well as on various platforms that you can use to learn how to become a pro. Apart from just reading and watching videos, you can also go to real boxing arenas and watch how the pros do it. This will enable you to get fast-hand experience on the all about boxing and make you a pro. Boxing requires progress and patience and you need to embrace the fact that you cannot become a pro by just winning two matches. The likes of Mohamed Ali took years of hard work to become the legends they were.

As a newbie always ensure that you have the drive and enthusiasm to become better each day. Do not give up just because you have lost the first few matches but have the passion to be better.

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