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Sifu Cliff Lenderman has been training and teaching the martial arts in the state ofWashington and Nationally for over 38 years. He is an 8thdegree black belt who holds ranksin several martial art styles. Mr. Lendermanand his wife Debra owned and operated theLenderman Academy of Martial Arts in Tacoma, Washington for over 25 years. Theyrecently sold their school and moved to Goodyear Arizona. His martial art backgroundincludes JKD, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, the FilipinoMarital arts and MMA. He is a certifiedinstructor level 3 under American Top Team. He was a consultant to the Seattle Seahawksfor three seasons helping players increase power, speed and technique. He is the founder ofthe Lean and Fit workout system that has helped people lose weight and get in shape. SifuCliff also worked with various law enforcement agencies in the state of Washington andwith the military special ops groups at Fort Lewis, WA. His film credits include starringroles in American Shaolin and Superfights. He also appeared in Darkdrive, Ricochet RiverNorthern Exposure and Bill Nye the Science Guy.He hostedMATALK, a podcast for theMartial Art Industry for over 8 years. His current passion is photography and is becomingwell known for his dramatic edgy and beauty portraiture



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