Drake Montoya

KRU Instructor for Muay Thai (Kids & Adults)


1996-1998 with American Kickboxing Jerry Brenner at Travis AFB.
1998-2001 - Muay Thai at Kombat Gym in Fiume Veneto (Pordenone) Italy under Gianbattista Boer and Christian Colta (Aviano).
2001-2003 - Fort Hood Texas trained various disciplines (Army Combatives).
2003-2005  Stationed at Holloman AFB in late and trained MMA with (Victor Hernandez King of the cage fighter)
2004   Awarded 7th Khan from Kru Christhopher Thompson.
2005-2006 Trained MMA at The Nest Glendale AZ
2006-2009 Trained under Kru Paul Meteayo in Glendale AZ.
July 30th 2009 Awarded USMTA 9th Khan (Brn/Red) KRU
2009-2010 Coached troops at Dover AFB Delaware
2014-2016 Head Muay Thai instructor Osan AB Korea.
2017-current  Muay Thai instructor Damri MMA