Don’t wait till the last week to prepare. Preparing for an MMA fight isn’t something you can wing last minute and hope for the best. When you’re up there fighting your opponent, you’re really fighting their training. Whoever prepares the best will most likely come out on top. How can you prepare for an MMA fight?

Get a Coach

Anytime you want to get excellent at anything find someone to coach you. They will point out your blind spots and push you farther than you thought you could go. Having a coach helps maximize every workout you do.

It might be costly, but they’re worth the price when you find one that works exceptionally well with you. If your opponent has a coach and you don’t, then good luck in that fight because he already has an advantage. Grab a coach and push yourself beyond what you thought your limits were and you’ll see that a coach is worth the price.



The more you train, the better you’ll be. There is such thing as too much training to the point your body is breaking, but find that sweet spot between that and working out just enough. You ’re going to have a tough time in a fight if your opponent spent more time practicing in the sport of MMA then you.


Study Your Opponent

If you know whom you’re fighting then why wouldn’t you try and learn their style? Knowing your opponent gives you an extreme advantage in a fight because you’ll know what to expect. Learn their reactions, and you’ll identify their weaknesses. Trust me, and if they want to win then, they’re learning how you fight.


Maintain Your Health

This will support you in every aspect of preparation for your MMA match. Healthy mind equals a healthy body so get plenty of rest and eat what your body needs. Cut out that excess sugar and fast food and start prepping your food for the future. Your body will thank you, and your coach will probably appreciate it too.

The greatest opponent you’ll have before the fight is how to manage your feelings. Your feelings are what’s going to stop you before you even start. You’re going to wake up and not want to work out. It’s guaranteed to happen but don’t listen to your feelings. Feelings are amazing, but they’ll lead you anywhere if you let it. Follow your commitment to winning the MMA match and let that drive you in the mornings.

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