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Damri MMA Owner Donates Jet to Mesa Fire Dept.

At Damri Muay Thai we are serious about training. Damri MMA owner, Artur Niewiadowski, donated his 1994 Gulfstream Jet to help Mesa Fire and Medical Department practice their life saving training. Below is video of Phoenix news stations 12 News and Fox 10 covering the live training session.

Allyson GerrardDamri MMA Owner Donates Jet to Mesa Fire Dept.

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Mixed Martial Arts Gym Opens in Avondale

AZ Central wrote a background story about Damri MMA owner, Artur Niewiadowski. Read about why he opened Damri and what makes this gym unique in comparison to others in the West Valley here: AZ Central Damri MMA Story

Allyson GerrardMixed Martial Arts Gym Opens in Avondale

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Damri MMA Sponsors “Mr. Black Friday”

Jarvis Johnson, also known as Mr. Black Friday, camped out near our local Avondale Best Buy and we sponsored him by letting him borrow our Damri MMA tent. 3TV/CBS 5 covered the story linked below. 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

Allyson GerrardDamri MMA Sponsors “Mr. Black Friday”